oustCat Creative

is a one-person art studio located in Chattanooga, TN.

Ziggy and Me

A Little About Me

I'm a creative geek at heart. I began painting with oils full time in 2014, preferring a loose, painterly brush stroke or palette knife. Previously, since 2001, I created websites, focusing on user experience in the application interface. I spend most of my free time with my little rescue horse, Ziggy, who I adopted in 2003.

I also like:

And on occasion, I repurpose found items.

Bragging Rights

I entered a bodybuilding competition at 16 and won second place. I left my wide-area network engineering job with NASA in Huntsville, AL and moved to Atlanta to race motorcycles at club level for 3 years. I adopted a rescue horse. I can herd cats.

Some of My Paintings

Ziggy and Me

is a little section of my website that's all about Ziggy, my goofy little rescue pony.

  • Ziggy and Me

    Ziggy and Me

    Like peas and carrots

  • Ziggy Finds a Home

    Ziggy Finds a Home

    Get these hard times right on out of our minds

  • Ziggy Gets Rescued

    Ziggy Gets Rescued

    From neglect to recovery