I am a representational painter located in Chattanooga, TN.

Ziggy and Me

My little rescue horse, Ziggy, that I adopted in 2003.

I began painting with oils full time in 2014, preferring a loose, painterly brush stroke or palette knife. Previously, since 2001, I created websites, focusing on front-end development and user experience in the application interface.


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science. University of Alabama in Huntsville

Classes and Workshops

  • Monthly Group Critiques, Mia Bergeron. July-Dec 2016
  • Painting Mentorship, Mia Bergeron. Nov 2015-April 2016
  • Sketching the Portrait in Oils, Mia Bergeron. Sept 2015.
  • Painting Mentorship, Mia Bergeron. May-Sept 2015
  • Step by Step Introduction to Oil Painting, Mia Bergeron. 2015
  • Plein Air Landscape Workshop, Caleb Goggans. 2014