I am a representational oil painter located in Chattanooga, TN USA.

Creating paintings with personal narratives - sometimes ambiguous - that present themselves as universal emotional artifacts is a significant motivator for creating my work. I am drawn to abstracted representational works with decisive mark making and where the peripherals and "the space in between" are suggested not described.

I began painting with oils full time in 2014, and have a background in front-end web development. I was employed as a wide-area network engineer for NASA upon graduation from university.


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science. University of Alabama in Huntsville


2017 June. Idiosyncratic Monochromes (#85 Special Edition), PoetsArtists.

Classes and Workshops

  • 2017 Jul-Dec. Monthly Group Critiques, Mia Bergeron.
  • 2017 Mar. Annual Figure Painting Marathon, Mia Bergeron.
  • 2016 Jul-Dec. Monthly Group Critiques, Mia Bergeron.
  • 2016 Oct. Beginning Drawing, Stan Townsend.
  • 2016 Jul-Aug. Palette Knife Painting, Mia Bergeron.
  • 2016 Nov-Apr. Painting Mentorship, Mia Bergeron.
  • 2015 Sept. Sketching the Portrait in Oils, Mia Bergeron.
  • 2015 May-Sept. Painting Mentorship, Mia Bergeron.
  • 2015. Step by Step Introduction to Oil Painting, Mia Bergeron.
  • 2014. Plein Air Landscape Workshop, Caleb Goggans.

To see works in progress, follow me on these accounts.