• 36 x 36 in (92 x 92 cm)
  • Oil on gallery panel.
  • Unframed with hardware. Varnished. Ready to hang.
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It was only after seven months of languishing indoors without Ziggy that I began to find minute joy in daily living. My paintings were an outlet for experimentation, especially with the abstraction of information. This particular one comprises a convergence of childhood nostalgia and conflating memories set in a dilapidated room at my grandmother’s house. My grandmother doted on me and my twin sister. She created beautiful patchwork quilts and, like Ziggy, the quilt in the painting is my one and only.

I'm experimenting here with creating a painting by compositing photos both from childhood and from a more recent time. It was my attempt at "seeing" how to abstract a painting while creating something beautiful.