Process of Love
Process of Love

Process of Love




  • 8.4 x 5.8 x 1 in (21 x 15 x 3 cm), 7 in (18 cm) diagonal
  • Acrylic framed video
  • Acrylic frame. Charging cable. Looping video. No buttons. No connectivity. No app. No updates. Just a video print as art.
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There was a quiet comfort and connection in my relationship with Ziggy. After almost 18 years together, our communication was subtle, effortless. He followed me. I followed him. We no longer argued. An unknowing mentor, he grounded and transformed me, a daily reset into confronting the challenging realities of human existence. So much of who I am I attribute to him. With his absenting, I anticipated the dissolution of fortitude without a metamorphosis. He gave me a purpose. I served at the pleasure. I had been waiting for my moment. An audience of one, in secret, with no applause. I loved him.

This photoshoot inspired many paintings tangential to the original idea. Pink appeared within these paintings, and reappears occasionally still, and were symbolic of my ideas on elderly equine care with special needs. I thought at great length on his social and physical well being and created real solutions for both. The resulting emotional energy I dedicated to his care eventually developed into anxiety and manifested as I started my day in preparation to see him. It wouldn’t abate until I was well into my 35 minute drive to the barn, still thinking about additional ways to support him.

True to his confident nature, developed from a trusting and egoless relationship, Ziggy fell asleep during the photoshoot. He was the sweetest creature I had ever encountered.