Silent Echoes
Silent Echoes

Silent Echoes




  • 36 x 24 x 1.5 in (91 x 61 x 3.8 cm)
  • Oil and acrylic on gallery panel
  • Unframed with hardware. Ready to hang. Varnished and signed.
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Inspired by a shift from loss, I've stumbled upon a theme that explores resilience and adaptation. It signifies a departure from loss' stark presence, emerging from the shadows of dissolution, and turns instead towards an evolution. This new work will be a dialogue between memory and transformation, an ode to the subtle echoes of the past that shape an ever-evolving present.

"Silent Echoes," is different, in a few ways, from the works I've created for the past several years. While also highlighting a horse, its nature is more conceptual and composed of about 80% acrylic. I refer to it as my transitional piece, my search for a new space to exist within beyond the boundaries of grief. As a reimagined self-portrait, it explores identity and hope but embodies resilience and self-reflection.

I used generative AI to help actualize the idea for this painting. It's a tool that I've incorporated into my painting process that's become quite useful for creating reference material for challenging concepts.

This piece is largely acrylic. Oil creates the detail in the hair, some of the cottonball clouds, and the armor of the astronaut.