• 8 ft x 42 iin x 1.25 in (2.4 m x 107 cm x 3 cm)
  • Oil on canvas
  • Unframed with hardware. Varnished. Ready to hang.
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Music affects our emotional experience and elicits diverse responses. “Spectre” is a visualization of lyrics from a placid song, with a haunting melody, that speaks to love, longing, and loss. Its inclusion supports what I am attempting to say visually and helps place the listener into a shared emotional space. The painting provides the environment. Alone, it is expansive and melancholic but the audio immerses one into that environment and evokes, providing another dimension for the viewer’s experience. It usually leaves me in tears.

This painting is a visualization of lyrics to the song Wildfire, a song from 1975 about the memory (or ghosts) of a girl and her horse. I’d listen to it frequently as I made my daily 35-minute drive to see Ziggy. It is also the song I was playing as I pulled into the Atlanta barn having hauled him from Houston, TX from the rescue organization where I adopted him in 2003.

I used kitchen spatulas, large household paint brushes, and a paint roller brush to create the varied textures in this painting.